Why We Do It

There are several reasons for it!

1. Creating Christmas memories for children.
One of the greatest joys we get is visiting with our guests while they enjoy the
display. The kids are fascinated, from the infants that are just learning to walk
to the seasoned citizens sharing their own stories. The display brings out the
fascination, imagination and the child in everybody; and nothing makes us happier
than the look in a child's eyes when they see the display in action! Their stories
range from the common family touring the neighborhood to the touching story
of the woman recovering from hip surgery, just getting out of the hospital and
insisting the family make it over on Christmas night so they can see some lights
before the season ends.

2. To share the light of the season.

We love Christmas. And while Santa is great, as Christians it is the celebration
of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ that fills us with joy this time
of year. Between the chaos of the malls, the endless list of gifts to buy, family
gatherings, “Rudolph, Frosty, Tiny Tim, and Scrooge, the Grinch, … Charlie Brown”
and all the rest of the traditions it is easy to lose sight of the heart of the season.
Now don’t get us wrong, we love traditions and enjoy the legend of Santa Claus and
we don’t object to decorating with Santa themes, we even have several songs in our
show about that jolly fellow. However, our goal each year is to use our display to
help our guests remember Jesus during the Christmas season. We don’t preach to our
visitors, but we do make sure to have Linus tell the Christmas story in each and
every show. And we try to make ourselves available to our visitors if they do want
to hear about our faith. We don’t expect to save the world through Christmas lights,
but if our display helps someone remember Jesus during this time of year, our work
was worth it.

3. To share our gifts with others.

Many people have offered to donate to the display itself, to offset some of the
costs of electricity, etc. However, we do not accept donations for the display;
this is our gift to the community. If we couldn’t afford to do it, then we wouldn’t.
We do this each year to share our blessings with the community. This is the season
of giving and caring; so if you want to give, please donate to real charities where
your money can be used to benefit those in need this season. This is why we collect
for a worthy cause each year, to spread the blessings.


4. It's a great hobby!

Jeff has had many hobbies, but none have compared to the personal satisfaction of
building and sharing the Christmas display. It provides a wonderfully creative
outlet for both of us that we can share with all in the community. From the initial
planning, design and construction projects to seeing our vision come to life in our
own front yard.